FitnessQuest Testimonials

I needed to make a change in my diet and exercise plan, I had hit a plateau with both.  I ate a very lo-carb diet following the Atkins diet for several years, taking in only about 20 carbs a day, no sugar, white flour or bread.  I ran 5 times a week for about 40-50 minutes, I was feeling tired & frustrated.  I initially did loose a good bit of weight on the lo-carb diet but after a while it stopped working.  After a weekend of just eating a few extra things I would jump up 4-5 pounds.  I have known Lisa for several years and finally I checked out the FitnessQuest web site and decided that I needed to talk with her more seriously about hiring her and make some changes.  It has been one of the best decisions I have made!  Lisa changed my nutrition plan adding things like bread, brown rice & sweet potatoes, this was a huge leap of faith for me to eat these things and then see that I was actually loosing weight was HUGE!!  I was so afraid to eat things that would make my weight go up but now I am enjoying many foods I have gone for so long without.  I LOVE the bread.  Then came the workout changes, she has shown me that I donít need to be on the treadmill for close to an hour instead 30 minutes of cardio can be more effective.  Then came the weight training, I really felt my body was loosing muscle from the lo-carb diet and that needed to change.  I now have muscle definition and feeling stronger than I ever have.  I have hired Lisa again and plan to continue the workouts with her.  I have gained a new body, lifestyle and friend. 

Thank you!
Valerie Mawhinney

I started working on a diet and exercise program with FitnessQuest based on personal goals of attaining a better, stronger, healthier body. I had no idea of how his program would change my life. By following a simple, yet effective, meal plan for success along with strength conditioning I was able to exceed my goal as the pictures show. John is not only a fantastic human being and brother to me, he has changed my entire outlook on life and made my body strong......THE RIGHT WAY. If you first listen and allow his energy to transform your thinking, the rest will follow. He is a constant motivator and always available for advice and encouragement. I will continue to follow his guidelines and allow my body to transform again. There isn't a better soul around to help people regardless of your own personal goals of your health and fitness. when you meet him you will understand how these kind of results are achieved and then kept alive in motion. There is no price to put on my results and how much more positive I live my life and train. Thank you Johnny!!!!!!!

Roman Marocco