The results include 2,257 solo Male, 450 solo female, and 575 relay teams, which totaled 4,432 participants.

Out of the 4.432, he finished 1,402nd.
Out of the 2,257 solo males, he finished 1,011th.
Out of 440 Males 30-34 yr old, he finished 172nd.
Here are his time by Segments :
Segment 1 (4 miles) 33:11:00
Segment 2 (4 miles) 34:33:00
Segment 3 (3.76 miles) 43:50:00
Stadium Stair Climb 14:02
Total Time 1:51:32
His solo time was better than 268 relay teams!
Congratulations to FitnessQuest client Stuart Helbus for competing and doing a great job in his first 2009 Men's Health Urbanathalon!
The Urbanathlon is a rigorous race and obstacle course through the city of Chicago
that incorporates challenging urban obstacles at iconic city landmarks.