Paul Schillig
   Wow, I can hardly believe it! In just 5 months, I’ve lost over 45 lbs, 12 ½ inches from my waist and 2 ½ inches from my neck. I’m told I’ve lost 39 inches total and 36% of my bodyfat, did I say, in JUST 5 MONTHS!!! I feel better, stronger and healthier than ever in memory. I sleep better, and feel more rested when I wake up. I no longer where a knee brace and do not need to take any pills for my knees!!!
     I was in bad shape, (in other words, FAT!). I was tired all the time. My left knee was hurting bad, a sharp pain deep in the joint. Several times a day, it would collapse and I would fall. The pain got worse to the point I could no longer take it and went to see my doctor. He sent me to a specialist. The specialist x-rayed and examined me and told me I had osteoarthritis in my left knee. He told me surgery would not help my condition and nothing could be done at this time. He shot my knee with cortisone and told me wear a knee brace, take some pills and hope for the best. He also told me that each knee feels 5 times the bodyweight on each step during normal walking. I tried the pills and brace for a couple weeks, things just got worse. My job requires me to be on my feet 10 hours a day so this wasn’t going to work for me.
   I called FitnessQuest on November 1, a Sunday, planning on leaving a message, but the phone was actually answered by one of the most positive and cheerful people I’ve ever met. Lisa met with me the very next day and did not seem the least bit bothered by my appearance, weight or knee problems. We (be we I mean me) started working just 2 days later.
   Believe me, it wasn’t easy. That first week, I was positive she was trying to kill me. But the meal plan and exercise plan Lisa put together for me was just what I needed. Soon I began to look forward to our workouts. It soon became obvious Lisa knew what she was talking about. In just 3 weeks, I lost 18 pounds!
That’s nearly a pound a day!!! I was rarely limping, no longer needed the knee brace or the pills.
   Over the next couple months, although I learned how to work out on my own, I really looked forward to the weekly workout with Lisa. She would routinely push me harder than I could push myself, and constantly proved I could do more than I thought possible. Whenever I was down or tired, she always had plenty of positive energy and enthusiasm to spare. Every time I saw John, he always had a smile and a wave for me, or a pat on the back, or some words of encouragement that made me want to go further and try harder.
That was an enormous lift for me. In a place where I could not feel more out of place, uncomfortable or embarrassed, they always made me feel welcome, like I belonged there, like I was part of something special. 
    How can I possibly thank Lisa and John for all this? How can I possibly thank them enough for completely changing my life? I have a new job now that’s paying me almost twice what I used to make. That never would have happened without FitnessQuest. Whatever thanks I give them, whatever good I say about them, it will never be enough. If your thinking about getting their help, don’t wait. As Lisa and John say,” No More Excuses… Now Starts Today.” For myself, I can honestly tell you, saying
“I did” beats saying “I will” any day.      

To be continued….