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Mel Langan
In January 2007, I made a New Years resolution, the same resolution I've made for the last 20 years, to get in shape and lose weight.  My friends wanted to check out World Class fitness, so I tagged along.  The first person we met at the gym was Lisa.  She showed us around, and put me at ease.  I left there thinking, "I may actually be able to do this".  I joined a few days later. 

I continued on my "low carb" diet and worked out like I thought I should for four months.  In that time, I only lost 17 pounds.  It was better than nothing, but I was sure there had to be a better way.  I called FitnessQuest in May and started on their program.  The first shock was the food.  I quickly learned I was eating all the wrong things,  in the wrong combination, and at the wrong times.  Lisa was not only able to explain what I was supposed to eat, but why I should eat it, and what it will do for my body.  She assured me that if I listened to her, and did what she asked I would see results.  I believed in FitnessQuest because they believed in me, so I went forward doing all she asked. 

The workouts were hard, but fun, and they were right, I was seeing results.  I had a magic weight number in my head that I wanted to obtain.  It was a weight I hadn't been since I was twenty-one years old, not for lack of trying.  I was hoping I could see it, but I would be happy just to be close.  Through FitnessQuest's encouragement, and expertise I not only reached that long time goal, but surpassed it by more than 10 pounds.  I have a BMI in the normal range for the first time in my adult life. I have a good body fat percentage, and I actually walk around with my head held high.  In Lisa I not only found a professional who helped me surpass all my goals and expectations, but I found a friend who is quick with an encouraging word when the going gets tough, and my biggest cheerleading when things are going well.  Thanks FitnessQuest, I could never have done it without you.