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FQ & L O S E
A group picture from our 80's day themed class.
Tom in action!
  Our FQ & Lose contest was a huge success. Competitors participated to make for a very close hard fought competition. A total of 194lbs and 74% bodyfat was lost in an 8 week time period. The concept of the competition was not only weight loss, but bodyfat loss as well. We took the percentage of bodywieght lost combine with the overall percentage of bodyfat lost and came up with an average of both. This was the competitors Fitness Number. The person with the highest Fitness Number won.

   Mike DeCosmo was our FQ & Lose winner. Mike accomplished a 17lb weight loss along with an incredible 8.1% drop in body-fat. That's over 2lbs and 1% of bodyfat per week lost. Mike received $500 cash, a one month gym membership to World Class Fitness and a gift certificate for a complementary eye exam and $50 off eyeglasses from Troia Eye Care.

   Mel Langan was  our 2nd place finisher. Mel impressively lost 24lbs and 6% bodyfat. That's an average of 3lbs a week lost. Mel went home with a prize package that included $100 gift certificateto Whole Foods, dinner at Mario's and an array of luxury services at Bella Christine Salon.

   All of our contestants did great. There were many different body types, as well as, all levels of workout experience. Once a week we held an exercise class as a courtesy to the competitors. We made each class different from the next and tried to expose everyone to a variety of exercising forms. It was also a chance for competitors to show camaraderie and support for each other. Not to mention, a kick in the butt jumpstart to the workout week. Again, we would like to congratulate and thank every one of the contestants for all their hard work and commitment.
Mike DeCosmo  was the 1st place winner of FitnessQuest's "FQ & Lose Competition
Mel Langan was the runner up!