Denise Elicker
    I was your typical cardio fanatic, carb avoider, daily gym go-er.  I ran 6-9 miles a day, 7 days a week and did my best to stay on an eating plan I had constructed from parts of various diet fads and years of reading nutrition articles.  I was convinced that I knew everything I needed to know about nutrition and exercise to get the results that I wanted.  However, after a few years of killing myself on the treadmill and struggling with my diet, I realized my body wasn't changing and I was still carrying around extra weight.
   Lisa and John were both familiar faces from World Class Fitness, but I didn't know either of them personally and actually didn't even realize they were personal trainers.  In the winter of 07-08, I hit my ultimate frustration level and felt as though I was at a total standstill with my body.  I came to terms with the fact that I might not know everything I needed to know to reach my goals, and that I might actually need help!  So one day, I decided to finally reach out for some help and find someone to put me on the right path.  By what I believe to be divine intervention, Lisa was working at the gym that day, and she just happened to be the lucky one that I turned to!  By the end of our conversation she had certainly perked my interest in pursuing some personal training with her, which was a shock to me since I was always so particular about and protective of my work out and eating habits.  After just a few conversations with Lisa, I had complete trust in her knowledge of nutrition and exercise and was very encouraged by her positive attitude and motivating personality.  It was so relieving to finally have all of the guesswork removed from my eating and fitness routine and was comforting to be working with someone who I trusted so much and has come to be a dear friend.

    After working with FitnessQuest for several months now, I have come to know and trust both Lisa and John.  I could not give anyone a higher recommendation than these two and they deserve far more accolades than I could list here.  Their patience, dedication to their clients, knowledge of nutrition and fitness, love of their jobs, and their true desire to see all of their clients succeed is evident in all that they do.  They will push you to do things you never thought possible and it is wonderful!  They have been with me every step of the way and have truly given me personal training.  I still have lots of work ahead of me to reach my goals, but I have no doubt I will get there with the help of FitnessQuest.

Thank you, Lisa and John!