It all started with a size 4 dress bought in April 07 that fit like a glove! By June, it was a little snug. Then by Labor day, I needed help zipping it up and couldnít breath! (All the while I was following the South Beach Diet & exercising 6 days a week!) Very upset, I commented to my doctor who told me to accept that I was getting older or, with a laugh, to try to fight it. I chose the latter.
   I hooked up with the wrong person that caused me to gain even more weight! I was beyond frustrated when someone told me to give Lisa a call. Meeting Lisa changed my life. She has accomplished the impossible! Not only have I lost weight, Iíve regained my smile. Not only has my body changed but my entire attitude changed also! In more ways than I could say.
   Lisa and John are great to work with. They work together and work with you and actually LISTEN to you. They help you reach goals while still living your life. I canít say enough about them!
   Everyone always used to comment that I was so thin or in good shape before. Now, people are AMAZED at the transformation. Right now I have a great body for someone in their 20ís or 30ís. But, considering Iíll be 50 soon, weíve accomplished a lot. And, weíre not done yet! These are not after pictures but, ĎIn Progressí pictures. PS The dress is now big! Thank you so very much Lisa and John.
Nancy Debranski