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Valerie Mawhinney started training in her home with FitnessQuest on October 23rd 2007. She is still currently an FQ client and very excited and committed to her body transformation. Over an eight week period she lost 17 lbs and over 20 total body inches. (Keep in mind thatís over 4 major holidays!) She has gone from size 8 jeans to a Jr. size 4/5 and is thrilled with her results. Valerie has learned to incorporate weight training along with cardio to make the most of her exercise time. After many years of following an Atkinís style diet, she entrusted FitnessQuest to teach her a new way of eating which targeted a loss in bodyfat and led her to a more fit and toned physique. She is a mother of three and very active in her church, the community and various committees in the schoolís PTA. Needless to say she is a very busy person, has more energy than ever and feels (and  looks) fantastic.
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