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Eating disorders: FAQ on eating disorders in adults
Eating disorders — An FAQ with a Mayo Clinic specialist about adult eating disorders.

Moderate Level Of Aerobic Fitness May Lower Stroke Risk
A moderate level of aerobic fitness can significantly reduce stroke risk for men and women…..

Pill 'has stopped 100,000 deaths'

At least 100,000 deaths from ovarian cancer have been prevented worldwide by the contraceptive pill over 50 years, research has concluded.

Connection Found Between Inactive Lifestyles And Accelerated Aging

Those who are physically active in their leisure time seem to be younger than those with inactive lifestyles…..

Being overweight may raise cancer risk
Being obese or even overweight may increase a person's risk of developing up to a dozen different types of cancer…..

Foods That Fight Colds

Couch Potatoes Who Start Exercising After 40 Can Still Stave Off Heart Disease

Couch potatoes who start exercising in later life can still significantly cut their chances of developing coronary artery disease…..

Testosterone seen unrelated to prostate cancer risk

Natural levels of a man's testosterone do not affect his prostate cancer risk as some had thought……

High Testosterone Linked to Men's Lower Death Risk!
Higher naturally occurring levels of the male hormone testosterone appear to protect men from fatal heart attacks or strokes and death from all manner of causes……

Surprise -- Cholesterol May Actually Pose Benefits, Study Shows

If you’re worried about high cholesterol levels and keeping heart-healthy as you get older……

Smoking and Bodybuilding
The effects and risks to your goals.....

Alcohol and Bodybuilding
The effects and risks to your goals.....

Shoulder Injury Prevention
The sad thing about working shoulders for bodybuilders is the very exercises that can cause the most injury work the best for building muscle......

Cigarette Smoke, Alcohol Damage Hearts Worse As Combo
Tobacco smoke-filled air is bad for cardiovascular health, and drinking alcohol at the same time only makes it worse......

Lung Cancer ‘Link to Lack of Sun’
Lack of sunlight may increase the risk of lung cancer, a study suggests.

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